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First and foremost, TMN is part of the platform which aims to connect all crypto investors in the one place! is a Masternodes Monitoring platform which differs from its competitors with one crucial factor. Our competitors are listing ANY project as long they pay the listing fee! Here at TMN, we have a listing policy which requires team verification and proof of their business model, if the project's team fail to provide the necessary information we decline their listing request. It is important to note that we do not allow multiple listing attempts.

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On our platform we don't only list and monitor legit projects. We are closely watching all MN projects in the Masternode space, and without any hesitation, we will flag and add any dishonest project as a fraud/scam, in order to protect our community. is using advanced fraud metrics, that are used to calculate the scam/fraud/risk level of the Masternode Projects.

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Did you know that 9/10 Masternode Projects are actually SCAM?

PivX and Dash make it possible for everyone to fork (clone) their project and create their own.
Of course there is nothing wrong with that! The main problem however begins with the people involved with that projects. If you are new in the Masternode Cryptocurrency World you will be amazed how fast you can lose all your investments just because you trusted an project without investigating it. community aims to solve that. Our team and the community members are old dogs in the cryptoworld. We are working together to build a better world for the Masternode projects and their investors. Unlike other Masternode ROI monitoring platforms we are not listing random projects just to take the listing fees.

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Vault.Investment 2.520 $ 94.38 % 264 MNs Online
Birake 0.003 $ 132.94 % 427 MNs Online
Pivx 0.360 $ 11.238774055595 % 1403 MNs Online
Dash 67.660 $ 6.28 % 4944 MNs Online

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Featured Masternode projects are those with the highest trust score as per TMN terms

Masternode project can be featured also with a donation to THM, however it is important to note that donation is not a way to bypass our verification policy

The featured project must be listed on TheMasterNode according to our listing Terms.